• “Sip and Mingle” A Wine Tasting Round Robin

    January 14, 2020 | News | Randy Shelton
  • February 17th “Sip and Mingle” – A Wine Tasting Round Robin (Back by Popular Demand)

    Comrades, pour the wine tonight

    For the parting is with dawn;

    Oh, the clinks of cups together,

    With the daylight coming on.”

                                      Richard Hovey

                                                    From The Quotable Wine Lover

    The Heritage Hunt Wine Club pursues a mission of sharing quality wines, and presenting vineyards, wineries, and wine-makers from around the world.  Whether you’re new to wine or an experienced oenophile, you’ll be at home at our wine-tasting events.

    Already wrote about the November meeting and, of course, there was not one in December with all the various holiday activities.  Hopefully, everyone had a chance to enjoy a wide selection of wines at any and all of the events you may have attended.

    The January meeting was scheduled to be a composite meeting combining wines from Sunset Hills and 50 West Vineyards.  As this meeting was not yet held at the time of this article’s submission, a full report will be included in next month’s article. 

    For those members whose preference is more along the lines of socializing with wines than with wine education, the February meeting will see us repeating the well-received round robin format.  Club members will “float” among stations sampling wines from Spain and Portugal.  We are expecting to serve a sparkling cava from Spain, a white and red from Portugal, a white and three reds from Spain, and a tawny port from Portugal.  Expect light edible fare as well. 

    A reminder that our web site is up and running.  Please check it out (http://heritagehuntwine.club/). 

    Please consider participating in the monthly board meetings where we discuss and plan club events.  It can be a lot of fun and there is always an abundant supply of wine available for all participants.  Great ideas are always appreciated.  Feel free to attend and help drink some wine as we plan upcoming events.  Ask anyone on the board, and they will be happy to tell you the where and when of the next board meeting (usually the following Monday at 7 pm after our monthly club meeting).

    The Great Oak Ballroom in the Clubhouse will open at 6:45pm on Monday, February 17th for our next meeting.  The meeting will come to order at 7 pm.  Reservations are required.  This meeting is open to members and guests alikeRegistration closes at noon, Tuesday, February 11th.  Cancellations after this date will incur the event fee.  Attendees registered as of that time commit to pay the event fee.  Register with Amy Howard at ahoward09@comcast.net or 703-743-2091.   Attendees can pay the event fee of $25/person at the door by cash or check. Randy Shelton