• About us

    Heritage Hunt Wine Club, chapter of the American Wine Society

  • Events

    Heritage Hunt Wine Club meets the third Monday of each month for wine tasting and refreshments.

  • Tours/Excursions

    The Heritage Hunt Wine Club likes to visit local wineries to taste and tour many of the local vineyards. Contact our Tour Chairperson.

  • AWS Updates

    American Wine Society updates on upcoming events, tours and wines. Contact Jerry Fisher for the latest.

  • Board of Directors

    Check out who is running the club, we are a volunteer group that likes wine and good conversation.

  • Gallery

    Pictures from our wine events

    • Welcome Heritage Hunt Wine Club

      Heritage Hunt Wine Club is a chapter member of the American Wine Society and the largest wine club in Virginia.

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    • Latest articles

      April 20th  – National Tasting Project      “The drinking of wine is a celebration of life, good food, and special company.  It’s one of the great pleasures of the world, and its enjoyment is enhanced by some knowledge of its varieties, flavors, and styles.”[...]

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      February 17th – “Sip and Mingle” – A Wine Tasting Round Robin (Back by Popular Demand) “Comrades, pour the wine tonight For the parting is with dawn; Oh, the clinks of cups together, With the daylight coming on.” [...]

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